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Going Beyond to G.I.V.E. Back

We believe making a positive impact is a journey best traveled together. Join us in our MOVEMENT to build better communities TOGETHER, by taking the Pledge to G.I.V.E. where you live!

Generosity in action, Inspire by example, Volunteer with passion, Enrichment of life

With your signature, you are joining this community movement to go beyond to G.I.V.E. back. As a token of our appreciation and a symbol of your commitment to making your community better, each signed pledge will receive two "Going Beyond to G.I.V.E. Back" bracelets. One bracelet for you to wear as your symbol of commitment and a second bracelet for you to give to a friend, a relative or a community member to encourage them to join the movement too. When you G.I.V.E. out your second bracelet, invite your person to take this Pledge too. We are all in this together!

Going Beyond to G.I.V.E. Back Pledge

Building a community enriched with positive connections, true happiness and endless possibilities begins with me! I pledge to go beyond and G.I.V.E. BACK to my community by making the choice to live in a way that reflects my core values, contribute my time, energy, and talents to something bigger than myself, make a positive difference with acts of kindness, and treat myself kindly so I can be good to others in my community! 

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