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Choose Love Movement

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ began as a no cost program for schools but has organically expanded into programs for home, for work, and for community. We’re seeing sports teams use Choose Love programs to teach leadership. We’re seeing prisons use it for restoration. Even military families are using it to ease anxiety and strengthen relationships.

Choosing love is simple. But it isn’t always easy.

It takes effort – one choice at a time. Choose Love’s formula gives you tools to make that daily practice easier. It starts with a choice, and then it becomes a process. It’s a formula to improve today & the rest of your life. Using a daily formula of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action, people are mastering essential life skills. Once learned, these life skills are in your tool belt forever.

An angry thought can be changed. The Choose Love Movement is teaching children and adults how they can choose love. People like you have started Choose Love Movements all over the world. Join us on our mission to bring this Movement to YOUR community!

Thank you!

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