Signed, Sealed, Delivered is one of GH Community's grassroot initiatives started in 2018.


This program spreads the message of appreciation and gratitude for our peers in the community through hand-made cards from awesome elementary-aged school kids.

We ultimately hope to recognize those in the community that do selfless work to protect us, or honor those that could use extra love from big hearts, while teaching children the value of gratitude.


Connect with classrooms interested in participating in the program

Our volunteers bring art supplies and an outline to classrooms and guide kids through the activity

Kids learn about the group or cause, and understand the importance of gratitude for others experiences, or in some cases challenges

Our volunteers collect the handwritten cards and deliver them to the organization


Do you know a classroom that would love to participate, or a group that deserves praise? Apply through the form below and our program director will connect with you shortly!

Sign, Sealed, Delivered Application

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a wonderful program that allows students to be a part of the greater community and feel proud of being able to help those who need. This program came into our 4th grade classroom and all the members were so full of energy and excitement! The students were excited to be able to help make Valentine cards for patients with cancer. For some students, it was sending these patients a hug with a card, and some supportive and encouraging words. The program members came with all the supplies the students needed, which allowed the students to have their creativity shine. Thank you for providing a great opportunity for Elevate students to help our community!

-- Anisha Bhola
4th Grade Teacher